10 things you've always wanted to know about Waist Training

10 things you've always wanted to know about Waist Training

Waist training is the newest trend in body shaping - and, for good reason.

This simple piece of shapewear has been raved about by celebrities and has the power to enhance your body shape in order to achieve the hourglass figure you’ve been looking for.

But, what exactly is waist training, who is it right for and, how does it even work?

Below are 10 common questions that cover everything you need to know so that you can get started with waist training!

  1. What size or shape do I have to be to wear a waist trainer?

You don’t have to fit a particular shape or size to train your waist. Waist training is for everyone! The important thing to think about is not your size but, whether you can do it safely and effectively.

When you get the right shape and fit for your body type, you can use a waist training garment. Just keep in mind that as you progress through training, you may need to move to a smaller size.

This is why most waist trainers include different adjustments - in order to allow you to tighten the trainer as your torso shrinks.

  1. How long do I wear the waist trainer?

Because of the structure of the waist training corset, you may find that you need to get used to wearing it for extended periods of time.

Start off by wearing it for a short period of time to begin with, gradually building up to wearing it to sleep or, even for 24-hours if it feels comfortable to do so.

For the first three days, it’s typically recommended to wear the trainer for 2-3 hours, increasing the duration by an hour or two a day depending on how comfortable you feel.

  1. Should I sleep in the waist trainer?

When you have built up the length of time that you wear your waist trainer to more than 12 or 14 hours a day, you can sleep in the garment.

Many people wear it only overnight and enjoy the benefits of their shape without the trainer during the day.

  1. Is it necessary to exercise in the waist trainer to get better results?

Exercise is a big part of waist training and getting better results in general.

You can choose whether you wear the waist trainer while you exercise or not. There are specific waist trainers that are sturdier and designed for exercise. Additionally, waist training can help you to improve and maintain proper form during exercise.

Be sure to listen to your body if you choose to wear one. Any pain or discomfort during exercise should indicate something is wrong, and you should remove the corset if this happens.

Because of the compression of the abdominal area, and the effect it may have on the ability of the lungs to expand fully during training, be aware that you can experience shortness of breath a lot sooner during exercise if you are wearing the garment.

If this occurs, you can either remove the waist trainer, reduce the intensity of the exercise or stop exercising completely until normal breathing returns.

  1. Will there be any damage to my body internally?

Our waist trainers are not strong enough to cause any internal damage to your body, they are not corsets which are made of stronger material that cause organs and the floating ribs to be pushed in and up. They are a form of shape wear, like spanx that you can get from your local department store.

  1. Is it dangerous to wear a waist trainer?

No it is not if you get a waist trainer that is the correct size for your shape.

It’s important to listen to your body, as you will notice if the trainer is too tight.

  1. Will I see results when I wear the waist trainer?

Immediately after you put the waist trainer on, you’ll notice your waist and midsection are sleeker. But, it’s after wearing the waist trainer for a longer duration that you’ll notice lasting results that remain even when the trainer is removed.

This is because the trainer takes time to shape your body - and, if you wear it during the day it may help you break bad food habits that involve eating large portion sizes leading to additional weight loss.

  1. Will using the waist trainer help me to lose weight

Weight trainers may help you lose weight by creating an awareness around portion sizes, as stated in the previous question.

Additionally, because waist trainers may cause your torso to sweat, you may lose water weight when you first start training. This type of weight loss is not permanent and is not the equivalent of fat loss.

  1. Do I have to wear the waist trainer for the rest of my life?

No way! Once you start achieving the results you desire, you can stop wearing the waist trainer so intensively.

With good nutrition and regular exercise, you can maintain the changes you’ve made and even add in waist training at a lower volume to ensure lasting results.

  1. Can I eat and drink the way I used to before using the waist trainer?

Although eating and drinking can still be done in a waist trainer, you may simply notice that you feel more satisfied earlier. This change is due to the external pressure waist training puts on your abdominal organs.

You can use the waist trainer as a tool for listening to your body or, if you feel unwanted discomfort, you can simply remove the trainer during meals.

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O have a waist trainer and I love it….it does everything it is designed to do I wear mine every day I just can’t leave home without it….

Jordan Powell

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