What is Waist Training?

What is Waist Training?

It’s the newest trend that has celebrities raving - the secret to getting that movie-star figure and, helping tighten up and shape that torso.

Whether your goal is achieving the curves of Kylie Jenner or the post-baby body of Jessica Alba, get ready, because waist training is quickly becoming the newest movement in body shaping.

What is waist training?

There’s nothing new when it comes to wearing tight, waist cinching corsets.

For years, women have been using this garment to create slim lines across their midsections and, allow for the look of a beautiful hourglass figure that appears shapely and sleek under any piece of clothing.

While the corset is believed to have been invented in Italy, it was the women of the French court in the 1500s that truly embraced its existence.

These trendy women would wear their version of a waist trainer: a classy, whale bone lined garment that would cinch their waist to create a more delicate and slender figure. The trend, at this, time was to add several layers of clothing to fill out the shoulders and hips, creating a perfect, hourglass figure in order to attract the perfect suitor.

Although times have changed, the desire for a slender waist and hourglass shape is still very alive.

On the bright side, the corset has advanced greatly from the traditional whale bone lined garment, and evolved into modern-day waist trainers with more function and form than ever.

Nowadays, waist trainers are made from more flexible, breathable material, such as latex, and typically use a boning substitute in order to make them more flexible and comfortable.

Waist trainer uses

Waist trainers can be used for a variety of reasons such as creating the perfect figure, making a fashion statement by wearing alone and, even, trainingthe shape of your waist for lasting results.

That’s right. Today, a corset is not only being used to temporarily give the appearance of a slim waistline, but to actually trainthe waist to become – and stay – sleek and slender…

Talk about long-term benefits!

But, physical appearance isn’t the only perk of this trend.

Waist trainers can also be worn at the gym, during exercise, to encourage proper form and, improve lower back posture in general, an issue that most people have from prolonged sitting and desk-job work.

Additionally, the instant improvement in appearance can boost overall confidence and make you feel more satisfied with your shape.

A sleek, slim midsection within reach

Over the last few years, the waist trainer has been made popular by many female celebrities - and, for good reason!

If you check out social media platforms, it’s quick to see some of the world’s most famous faces giving praise to wearing waist trainers and the results they’ve achieved - many of these celebrities with superbly tiny and delicate waists.

These celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, swear by waist trainers as a method that not only provides an immediately solution to achieve a slimmer-looking waist when the corset is first put on but, to aid in the transformation of their waist size over time.

Although many of the secrets celebrities use to achieve their perfect look are not well-known, affordable or, readily available to the public, the good news is that waist trainers are something that everyone can get their hands on.

The very same waist trainers which are used by the famous and elite are relatively affordable, readily available to anyone, and can allow you, too, to achieve the desired results that celebrities are boasting about.

Immediately after putting on a waist trainer, you’ll notice a slimmer waist with a more hourglass-like figure - perhaps, one you never dreamed possible.

Starting with your new waist trainer

At first, waist trainers can feel a bit strange or uncomfortable to wear. These trainers will force you to straighten your lower back while concurrently clenching the waist, leaving your torso to feel unusually upright and compressed.

In fact, when you first begin waist training, it may even feel odd to breathe as your torso is so tightly compressed.

It doesn’t take much time to get used to the feeling, however. As your posture improves and your waist begins to take shape, the trainer will feel increasingly comfortable to wear for longer durations of time.

For this reason, working your way up to wearing your waist trainer for longer durations each day is a great way to avoid discomfort and progress to better results.

By wearing your waist trainer for just a few hours per day, you can expect to see changes that will last - even when you take it off to put on your party dress and head out for a night on the town!

It’s also important to remember that waist trainers are an aid to achieving your perfect figure - but, they are not a miracle weight loss device.

Waist trainers allow you to instantly look slimmer and more toned but, the most dramatic changes can be seen when combining a waist trainer with good nutrition and exercise, allowing you to better maintain your new shape.

This combination provides a winning trio towards achieving the posture, shape and curves you’ve dreamed of!

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