- Reduces Back Pain

- Improves Posture

- Reduces Bloating

- Aids in Weight Loss



Exercise a lot but little to no results?

Many people exercise a lot but see very little positive change to their bodies. Why? No amount of exercise will help you lose weight or tone up unless your diet is controlled too. The main benefit of a waist trainer is that it compresses the waist and stomach region in order to surpress hunger. Instead of eating 2-3 large meals per day, you will feel fuller and be more inclined to eat smaller portions throughout the day.

Busy and have little time to gym?

It's a common misconception that you have to do high intensity exercise 4-5 days a week in order to lose weight. Many of our customers are busy with long work hours, children or other commitments, resulting in a lack of time to exercise throughout the week, so have used a waist trainer as an alternative. The waist trainer works by diminishing your appetite to eat smaller portions throughout the day to allow your body to metabolise the food better and turn more of it into energy rather than stored fat. We encourage time-poor customers to walk for 40 minutes a day instead as walking is a great way to burn fat and lose weight.

Wake up looking great but bloated and chubby at the end of the day?

Persistantely wearing your waist trainer for a few weeks and cutting down food portions will result in a flatter, more toned and tighter looking stomach region even when your waist trainer is off.

Suffer from back pain caused by sitting or standing all day?

The relief of back pain is an immediate effect of the waist trainer. We have had so much positive feedback from our customers that have bought a waist trainer for this reason in particular. The waist trainer will help you adjust your posture so that you can get used to standing straight to decrease and eliminate that back pain in the long run. The waist trainer should not be used as a substitute to using your own strength to stand upright, and should be worn in conjunction to doing exercises to strengthen your back for long term positive effects.



Trying to lose weight?

- Our waist trainers can help by diminishing your appetite due to the tight compression resulting in a desire to eat smaller portions during each meal (Diet is the most important factor in achieving weight loss).

Poor posture? Back pain?

- Our trainers can improve your posture (forces your back to an upright position)

- Our trainers can help prevent and relieve back pain and tension that you probably did not realize was caused from slouching for those who stand or sit for long periods at a time e.g. retail, hospo, office

For long term permanent results your waist trainer should be used in conjunction with healthy diet and moderate, regular exercise. 
We DO NOT RECOMMEND using ‘Corsets' as they are a lot stronger, tighter and have the power to permanently modify or deform the body, forcing the floating ribs upward and compressing the soft tissue at the waist. This could lead to many negative health ramifications, including difficulty breathing and problems with digestion.

We have sold over 70,000 waist trainers to happy customers all over the world. Trust Waist Trainer NZ Aus to provide you with quality trainers to achieve the results you desire!